Poem of the Week 60

I Like Words

Steve Turner


I like words.

Do you like words?

Words aren’t hard to find:

Words on walls and words in books,

Words deep in your mind.


Words in jokes

That make you laugh,

Words that seem to smell.

Words that end up inside out,

Words you cannot spell.


Words that fly

And words that crawl,

Words that screech and bump.

Words that glide and words that swing,

Words that bounce and jump.


Words that paint

And words that draw,

Words that make you grin.

Words that make you shake and sweat,

Words that touch your skin.


Words of love

That keep you warm,

Words that make you glad.

Words that hit you, words that hurt,

Words that make you sad.


Words in French

And words in slang,

Words like ‘guy’ and ‘dude’.

Words you make up, words you steal,

Words they say are rude.


I like words.

Do you like words?

Words come out and play.

Words are free and words are friends,

Words are great to say.