Poem of the Week 06

Question Time

Julia Donaldson


How many books have you written?

Have you been writing for years?

Where do you get all the paper?

Where do you get your ideas?


Do you get bumps on your fingers?

Do you get aches in your wrist?

Please can I go to the toilet?

Did you write “Oliver Twist”?


I’ve got a book about spiders.

I’ve got a cut on my knee.

I’ve got an aunt who speaks German.

Gemma keeps tickling me.


Are you quite old?

Are you famous?

Are you a millionaire?

I wasn’t putting my hand up – I was just twiddling my hair.


How many plays have you written?

Do you write one every day?

Do you… oh dear, I’ve forgotten

What I was going to say.


Will you be staying to dinner?

Will you go home on the bus?

How many poems have you written?

Will you write one about us?