Poem of the Week 30

How to Successfully Persuade Your Parents to Give You More Pocket Money

Andrea Shavick


Ask, request, demand, suggest, cajole, or charm

Ingratiate, suck up to, flatter, compliment or smarm

Negotiate, debate, discuss, persuade, convince, explain

Or reason, Justify, protest, object, dispute, complain

Propose, entreat, beseech, beg, plead, appeal, implore

Harass, go on about it, pester, whinge, whine, nag and bore

Annoy, insult, reproach, denounce, squeal, scream, and shout

Go quiet, subdued, look worried, fret, brood, tremble, shiver, pout

Act depressed, downhearted, upset, snivel, sigh

Go all glum and plaintive, wobble bottom lip and cry

Sniff, sulk, grumble, stare at ceiling, mope, pine, stay in bed

Get cross, get angry, fume, seethe, fester, agitate, see red

Provoke, enrage, push, bully, aggravate and goad

Screech, smoke, burn up, ignite, spark, detonate, EXPLODE


And if all that doesn’t work


Here are two little tricks

That should do it with ease


No. 1: smile

No. 2: say please.