Poem of the Week 91

Poet’s Tree

Shel Silverstein



Underneath the poet tree

Come and rest awhile with me,

And watch the way the word-web weaves

Between the shady story leaves.

The branches of the poet tree

Reach from the mountains to the sea.

So come and dream, or come and climb –

Just don’t get hit by falling rhymes.



Poem of the Week 90

A Good Poem

Roger McGough


I like a good poem,

one with lots of fighting

in it. Blood, and the

clanging of armour. Poems


against Scotland are good,

and poems that defeat

the French with crossbows.

I don’t like poems that


aren’t about anything.

Sonnets are wet and

a waste of time.

Also poems that don’t


know how to rhyme.

If I was a poem

I’d play football and

get picked for England.

Poem of the Week 89

The Homework Machine

Shel Silverstein



The Homework Machine,

Oh, the Homework Machine,

Most perfect

contraption that’s ever been seen.

Just put in your homework,

then drop in a dime,

Snap on the switch, and in ten seconds’ time,

Your homework comes out, quick and clean as can be.

Here it is— ‘nine plus four?’ and the answer is ‘three.’


Oh me . . .

I guess it’s not as perfect

As I thought it would be.

Poem of the Week 88

I Met a Dragon Face to Face

Jack Prelutsky


I met a dragon face to face

the year when I was ten,

I took a trip to outer space,

I braved a pirate’s den,

I wrestled with a wicked troll,

and fought a great white shark,

I trailed a rabbit down a hole,

I hunted for a snark.


I stowed aboard a submarine,

I opened magic doors,

I travelled in a time machine,

and searched for dinosaurs,

I climbed atop a giant’s head,

I found a pot of gold,

I did all this in books I read

when I was ten years old.