Poem of the Week 44

First Day of the Summer Holiday

Paul Cookson


Time to put the pens to bed

Time to put the books away

Time to hide the uniform

We’re on Summer Holiday!


Time to switch my alarm clock off

Time to sleep and overlay

Time to lock the homework up

We’re on Summer Holiday!


Time to zip my schoolbag up

And in the cupboard let it stay

With my boring shoes for school

We’re on Summer Holiday!


Time for trainers, time for jeans

Time for riding on my bike

Time for football all day long

Time for doing what I like.


Time for camping out in tents

Time for having lots of fun

Time for swimming, time for grinning

Eating ice creams in the sun.


Time for playing hide and seek

Time for climbing high up over trees

Time to rope swing over ditches

Time for scratched and dirty knees.


Time for going out with mates

Time for playing any game

Time for watching videos

All day long if it should rain.


Time for tennis, time for cricket

Time for friends to come and call

Time for doing everything

Or doing nothing much at all.


Time for laughter, time for jokes

Time for fun and time for play

Time to fool so goodbye school!

We’re on summer holiday!


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