CLiPPA (Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award) 2017

Here is the 2017 shortlist:

  • Booked by Kwame Alexander
  • Wonderland: Alice in Poetry Ed. Michaela Morgan
  • Moon Juice by Kate Wakeling, illus. Elina Braslina
  • Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots by Michael Rosen, illus. David Tazzyman
  • Zim Zam Zoom! by James Carter, illus. Nicola Colton

The winner will be announced on 14 July 2017 at the National Theatre, London

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Poem of the Week 38


Michelle Magorian


Rush, rush, rush, rush,

Do we have to go so fast?

In a hurry, in a hurry,

Does it matter if we’re last?

Quick, quick, quick, quick,

My forehead and my ankles ache.

Speedy, speedy, speedy, speedy,

Can’t we stop and have a break?

Run, run, run, run,

We can catch another bus.

Purr, puff, puff, puff,

No breath left at all in us.

Slow, slow, slow, slow,

Things to look at while we wait.

Chat, chat, chat, chat,

It’s much nicer being late.

Poem of the Week 37

Take a Poem

James Carter


Why not take a poem

Wherever you go?

pop it in your pocket

nobody will know


Or take it to your classroom

stick it on the wall

tell them all about it

read it in the hall


Take it to the bathroom

tuck it up in bed

take the time to learn it

keep it in your head


Take it for a day trip

take it on a train

fold it as a hat

when it starts to rain


Take it to a river

fold it as a boat

pop it in the water

hope that it will float


Take it to a hilltop

fold it as a plane

throw it up skywards

time and time again


Take it to a postbox

send it anywhere

out into the world






Poem of the Week 36

The Planets

David Greygoose


In the middle

is the Sun,


Then comes Mercury

number one.


Venus next is number two,

and then a planet spinning blue:


The Earth, our home,

is number three.


Look through the stars,

what do we see?


Red desert Mars

is number four


Of all the planets,

then there’s more.


Jupiter is number five

after that we will arrive


At Saturn’s rings

for number six.


Moving on

we quickly slip


To Uranus at number seven

out there in the misty heaven.


Then Neptune waits

at number eight:


So all the planets make a line

and Pluto’s last at number nine!